Only a few years after William Janssen, one of the first members of GEN Starters Club, created the prototype for his solar-powered water purification and desalination system, Desolenator took first place in the 2015 Startup Open competition and has now grown into a successful company based in London with a network of support spanning the globe.

High levels of pollution, rising sea levels and an exploding global populations are making it harder to find clean water to drink. This is the problem that drove Janssen to co-found Desolenator. Using solar energy, Desolenator has developed an affordable and environmentally friendly method of water purification — a system that make water safe to drink by removing impurities and salt.

Desolenator started in 2013 with a prototype in Janssen’s living room. Now Desolenator has grown into a successful company based in London with a network that stretches from California to Kenya. Thanks to an infusion of funds from grants and competitions, the company has also been able to expand its product portfolio to include both a portable, household purifier, as well as one community-sized. And 2017 has been a remarkable year for the startup.

As of March 2017, Desolenator is a funded company, with seed investment that has provided the financial support they needed to take the desalination and purifying system through production to market, as well as the growht of their strategic partnerships.

Desolenator is now working with a manufacturer in the Netherlands and should be ready to launch its water purifier product later this year. The aim is to provide a more accessible way for people around the world to obtain affordable, safe drinking water.

Janssen has spent several years raising awareness about the global water crisis. He attended the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Medellin, Colombia to talk about the need for clean water and how Desolenator can sustainably address that need. Desolenator has received several recognitions in 2017 alone, such as completing the Dubai Futures Accelerator with the Dubai government in February, becoming the Cambridge regional winner for Shell Springboard in March and being showcased in the Unreasonable Impact World Summit in London in September. In 2018, Desolenator will take part in the What Design Can Do accelerator in partnership with the Ikea Foundation and will be presenting at CleanTech Innovate in London this March.


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