Ivan Abraham Sandjaja

Ivan Abraham Sandjaja

Ivan received his degrees in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry from Berlin, Germany and San Diego, California in the US. He received a recognition for his work from the American Chemical Society. He also studied Business Management in Düsseldorf in Germany and has years of work experience in various countries in Asia and Europe.

He began his career in Indonesia more than 20 years ago as a laboratory assistant and spent more than 15 years in chemical industry until he reached the top post at an Anglo-German chemical company as the Chief Operating Officer and served as Member of the Board of the Directors until 2004. In 2005, he decided to work independently as a professional management consultant and had assisted many local enterprises which were mostly family owned to improve their business performance, increase their market share and boost their profitability. In 2008, he entered the education sector by becoming the visiting lecturer at the Asian Banking and Finance Institute and the extraordinary advisor to the Vice Chancellor of the Ciputra University. In 2012, he became the Director of the Ciputra Incubator and Accelerator and of the Office of International Relations of the Ciputra Foundation. Through his extensive national and international network, he has developed multimillion dollar worth of commercial projects for his organization and represent Indonesia as the lead delegate for the Global Entrepreneurship Network and Start Up Nations.




Entrepreneurship Education


Why corporate should run like startup?


Director Ciputra Incubator and Accelerator, Office of International Relations Ciputra Foundation

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